Excellence is obtained by import premium fruits from Spain, and it is the popular «orchard of Europe». For two decades, Spain has grown in the agricultural sector and its products certify it. That is why in recent years the demand from Spain has increased, and it manages to have numerous consumers throughout the European Union. However, the export rate outside of it can be increased. Fruits represent a good percentage of exports with fresh and quality products, where oranges stand out, followed by melons. However, they also export a good amount of peaches, pears, plums, and nectarines. The delicious fruits are obtained from the best crops that are blessed by the Mediterranean climate and its good way of cultivation. All these attributes make it compete with the best agricultural regions around the world. To obtain quality and freshness, importing from Spain is one of the best options, they have all the requirements to consider Premium products. Without a doubt, it is a good investment option today for large and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Import premium fruits from Spain

Obtaining Premium fruits from Spain

The fruits obtained from the cultivation farms must meet the requirements of excellence that accredit them to designate them Premium. Authorized varieties will come exclusively from plantations authorized by regulatory entities in the country. Likewise, the collection must be carried out with dedication at the time that the Regulatory Council determines appropriate for that purpose. All this ensures that the fruits are correctly and duly ripe. The Regulatory Council monitors that all the methods are duly complied with and catalogs the fruits, to assign them in the category to which they correspond. Once its quality certification is approved, the Council delivers the corresponding numbered back labels to the packaging industry or cooperative that is in charge of the next step for its distribution.

The geographic area of ​​quality fruit crops

The Spanish fruit and vegetable sector is significantly present in most Autonomous Communities. However, the provinces of Andalucía, Aragón, Cataluña, Castilla-La Mancha, the Valencian Community, and the Region of Murcia stand out in a special way. The Valencia community offers citrus fruits, generating 40% of the country’s total citrus exports. Castellón should also be mentioned, a region close to the north of Valencia that complements the export of citrus fruits, offering 25% of total exports. Murcia is another agricultural province par excellence that contributes with the highest rates for export. It’s mainly a producer of lettuce and cabbage. However, regarding fruit, they have a good production of melons and fresh grapes. Spain has good soil for planting and has almost half of its extension suitable for cultivation. It also has two types of sowing, rainfed and irrigated. Rainfed sowing is mandatory in most of the territory due to climatic and soil conditions. The rest is planted under irrigation and with crops in greenhouses or “under plastic”.

Spanish agriculture and trade

Agriculture is the main component for Spain, being the leading exporter in the European Union and one of the top three world exporters, following the great Asian such as China and also the USA. The sector stands out with a positive influx in both fruit and vegetables. The export vocation is very marked in this territory, since more than 50% of the production is destined for export. On the other hand, it is the first subsector within the set of exports of the agri-food sector. The main exported products are greenhouse vegetables (tomato, pepper, and cucumber). Specifically, fruit, citrus, peach, and nectarine are exported. The main destination is the EU, thus absorbing 93% of exports. The Spanish export of fresh fruit and vegetables in 2021 experienced year-on-year growth of 2.6% in volume and 7.4% in value. This allowed them to total 13.4 million tons with a registered income of 15,680 million euros respectively, according to data from the Department of Customs and Special Taxes.

Export of fresh fruits from Spain in 2021

According to Fepex, the Spanish Federation of Associations of Exporting Producers of Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers, and Live Plants, fruit exports grew in 2021. The growth was 3% in volume (8 more than 7 million tons) with an increase in the value of income of 6% (more than 9 million euros). The increase in strawberries stands out, with 721 million euros, and in stone fruit, mainly with peach and nectarine. However, the apple sector had a decrease of 8%, generating only 90 million euros. In terms of regions, Andalucía remains the leading exporter of fruit, with 4.5 million tons, 1% more than the previous year. This region is followed by the Valencian Community, with 3.9 million tons. Murcia and Cataluña follow with 2.7 and 1 million tons respectively. The import of fresh fruit and vegetables in 2021 maintained the upward trend of previous years. Maintaining a year-on-year growth of 5.5% in volume and 4.5% in value, amounting to 3.6 million tons and 3,259 million euros.

Spain as a good option to import premium fruits

Fresh fruits, like vegetables, are part of an important industry that has been built in Spain in recent years. Having this way a significant growth in the international market and taking products beyond Europe. For this reason, it is ideal to accept investment opportunities in this area of ​​production that generates the quality that the consumer expects. Intermediary services have had the same boom and access to these products and their transportation is profitable not only for large entrepreneurs but also to start business opportunities and very lucrative.

Quality to Import premium fruits from Spain

Spain is located in the Mediterranean region of the Iberian Peninsula, it has an ideal climate that allows it to generate a good variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. It has a dominant role in the agricultural market throughout Europe, and its fresh fruits are found in all markets. Among its best products are the citrus fruits that are produced in the Valencia region. The quality of the products is given by the good management of the crops that the Spanish region preserves each year, and this is something that European importers know very well. For this reason, import premium fruits from Spain is a good option for entrepreneurs at any level.